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Crowdsourcing Satellite Imagery Analysis for UNHCR-Somalia: Latest Results

253,711 That is the total number of tags created by 168 volunteers after processing 3,909 satellite images in just five days. A quarter of a million tags in 120 hours; that’s more than 2,000 tags per hour. Wow. As mentioned in this earlier blog post, volunteers specifically tagged three different types of informal shelters to provide [...]
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Esri User Conference CrisisMappers meetup - Where crisis meets the map!

For the past three years, during  the month of July, I’ve made it a point to visit the Disneyland in San Diego. I am sure you are already questioning my sanity. “Really, Disneyland in San Diego?” Well, yes. As all geo-geeks would agree, the International User Conference organized by Esri ( it’s Ezree) in San Diego is, [...]
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The Technologies Used by standbytaskforce.com Volunteers

The Standby Volunteer Task Force comprises a network of skilled and dedicated volunteers from the world over. We use multiple technologies to manage live mapping operations. These include Ning, Skype, email, Google Groups, Google Docs, cell phones, Ushahidi, OpenStreetMap, ArcGIS, Google Maps, Google Earth, Access, Excel, SatScan, DropBox, YouSendIt, Doodle and Wordl. Since we use [...]
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